Vendor Portal

Onboard vendors in minutes, gather all necessary information, and centralize invoices seamlessly through our top-notch vendor portal.
  • Reduce Vendor Onboarding Time by 80%
  • Ensure 100% Compliance with Vendor Onboarding
  • One single source of truth for your vendors database.
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Streamlined vendor onboarding platform

Simplify and accelerate vendor onboarding. Pivot's platform streamlines the process, reducing onboarding time by 80% and ensuring compliance with ease.

Instant vendor assessment overview

Quickly assess vendor risks. Pivot's intuitive overview provides instant insights, reducing risks and enabling informed decisions for effective vendor management.

Unified vendor repository

Embrace a single source of truth for vendor data. Pivot centralizes all vendor information, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and streamlined vendor management.

Centralized invoice management

Empower vendors to upload invoices directly. Pivot's vendor portal centralizes invoice submission, streamlining the process, saving time, and fostering efficient collaboration between your team and vendors.

Single hub for all contracts

Consolidate all contracts effortlessly. Pivot's single hub ensures clarity and accessibility, reducing complexity and enhancing control over your vendor contracts.