Pivot for IT & Security teams

Pivot enables you to effortlessly gather necessary information from employee requests and stay engaged in key IT & Security matters
  • Prevent Software Duplication
  • Keep license seats under control.
  • 80% Faster Vendor Assessments
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Dedicated intake forms

Effortlessly gather essential information using dedicated forms. Tailor the intake form to specific requests, such as software, and seamlessly inquire about SSO connectivity, IT contact, and any key security questions.

Tailor-made workflows

Customize workflows based on specific conditions such as software or hardware requests. Tailor processes for precise and efficient handling of IT & Security matters.

Vendor assessment and surveys

Streamline vendor assessments and surveys through the vendor portal forms, ensuring 80% faster evaluations and proactive management of IT & Security partnerships.

Integrated with your stack

Seamlessly integrate Pivot with your stack, including Jira, Zendesk, Okta, Google SSO, and more. Enhance collaboration and streamline processes across your IT & Security tools.

Compliance at Our Core

At the heart of Pivot lies our strong commitment to industry standards and regulatory compliance, ensuring the integrity and security of your data through adherence to ISO 27001, SOC 2, and GDPR guidelines.