Invoices Automation

Pivot's AI technology and deep ERP integrations automate 95% of invoice data entry work, allowing you to focus on value-adding tasks
  • 95% Reduction in Data Entry Work
  • Real-time synchronisation with your ERP
  • Eliminate time spent chasing invoices
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Advanced OCR technology

Revolutionize data entry with cutting-edge OCR. Pivot's advanced technology ensures accurate and efficient extraction of invoice data, streamlining your data entry processes.

Automated PO <> Invoice Matching

Experience seamless matching processes. Pivot's automation ensures precise matching between purchase orders and invoices, guaranteeing that you never pay more than what you committed to. This reduces errors and expedites your financial processes.

Streamlined invoices import

Effortlessly import invoices from your mailbox. Pivot simplifies the import process, ensuring that invoices are seamlessly integrated into your system for efficient and timely processing.

Customized workflows for invoices

Tailor workflows to your invoicing needs. Pivot allows customization of workflows, ensuring that the validation process aligns with your specific requirements, optimizing efficiency and accuracy.

Native ERP integrations

Achieve real-time ERP integration. Pivot ensures instantaneous synchronization with your ERP, ensuring high data accuracy and a unified view of your financial landscape.