Pivot for Legal teams

Pivot empowers you to centralize all your vendor contracts and effortlessly gather necessary information to stay engaged in key legal matters.
  • Get involved in all critical legal matters
  • Keep all your vendor contracts in one place for easy access
  • Easily collaborate with other departments
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Dedicated intake forms

Effortlessly gather essential information using dedicated forms. Customize the form to specific needs, such as requesting vendors to upload their T&Cs. Ensure a streamlined and efficient process for collecting vital details across various requirements.

Tailor-made workflows

Customize workflows to align with your specific needs. For instance, automatically trigger legal processes for new vendors. Tailor workflows to seamlessly adapt to diverse requirements, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in legal matters.

Single hub for all contracts

Centralize all contracts in one accessible hub. Easily navigate through contract history, find everything linked to a specific vendor, and streamline your legal management for comprehensive and efficient access.

Integrated with your stack

Seamlessly integrate Pivot with your legal tech stack, including platforms like Docusign, IronClad, and Google Docs. Enhance collaboration and facilitate easy sharing of contracts across diverse platforms, ensuring efficient and comprehensive legal management