Real-time Budget

Stay in control: Pivot empowers budget owners to track budgets instantly, preventing overspending, and enhancing request lead-time
  • Eliminate out-of-budget costs without proper oversight
  • 100% clarity on remaining budget for informed decisions
  • Eradicate discrepancies between forecasts and actual commitments
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Single place to follow your budgets

Centralize budget tracking effortlessly. Pivot provides a unified platform for tracking budgets, ensuring clarity and simplifying the monitoring process for informed decision-making.

Instant budget updates

Stay current with real-time budget updates. Pivot's instantaneous updates empower budget owners, promoting proactive decision-making and preventing overspending.

Alerts for out-of-budget requests

Receive instant in-app alerts for budget anomalies. Pivot's proactive system ensures real-time notifications during the approval process, preventing out-of-budget costs and fostering financial responsibility.

Tailored workflows for over-budget expenses

Customize workflows for requests beyond budget limits. Pivot allows specific workflows, enabling acceptance with proper extra validation instead of an automatic block, promoting flexibility while maintaining control.

Integrated with your stack

Pivot seamlessly integrates into your existing tools. Streamline the flow of information as budgets progress, ensuring data is sent to the right tools at the right time for comprehensive financial control.