Pivot for Procurement teams

With Pivot, ensure high employee adoption of your procurement policy and gain powerful insights on your spendings to drive your procurement strategy
  • Ensure end-to-end company adoption
  • Get early visibility on spendings
  • Focus on demonstrating your value
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Intuitive procurement process

Seamlessly integrate Pivot's intuitive procurement process to ensure high employee adoption. Simplify the procurement journey with a user-friendly intake form, promoting efficiency and adherence to company policies.

AI-powered spending insights

Elevate your procurement strategy with Pivot's AI-powered spending insights. Gain real-time visibility into spending patterns through an intuitive dashboard, enabling data-driven decision-making and strategic planning.

Full cost-control suite

Harness the power of Pivot's comprehensive suite, covering PO <> Invoice matching, Budgets, Renewals, and Workflows. Achieve end-to-end cost control and streamline your procurement operations for maximum efficiency.

Vendor record control

Showcase your vendor list in the intake form, leveraging Pivot's solution to prevent duplicate vendors and curb unnecessary vendor multiplication. Enhance vendor record management and maintain a clean, organized database for optimal procurement outcomes.