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Pivot is the ultimate modern Procure-to-Pay tool to help you keep your spend under control while enhancing your teams.
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Trusted by top European Companies
Trusted by top European Companies

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Everything you need from your procurement tool

The all in one procure-to-pay solution.
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Offer a top-notch intake experience to your employees

Pivot provides you with a platform your employees will love and adopt. No more pushback when implementing your procurement policy.

Tailor-made workflows for quick approvals

Good workflows lead to fast approval. With Pivot, your employees’ requests will be safely approved in hours.

Mobile-friendly experience

Your Budget Owners are often on the go. Pivot has built its approval experience around mobile usage to make it seamless and adapt to their needs.

AI-assisted intake

Our Pivot AI assistant will help your employees build detailed requests at an amazing speed.

Validate invoices in seconds and keep all costs under control

Pivot makes accounting work a breeze thanks to advanced integrations and top-notch OCR.

Best-in-class OCR

Say goodbye to those tedious and long hours spent filling invoices manually. Our OCR technology and automations will take care of it.

PO <> Invoice matching

Always wondering whether you’ve been invoiced what you’ve dealt? Sweat no more - Pivot automatically matches the PO with the invoices and raises alerts.

Natively connected to your ERP

What happens in Pivot does not stay in Pivot; it goes straight to your ERP to ensure you always keep one unique source of truth and have no duplicate work to do.

Efficiently and securely onboard your new vendors

Pivot aids you in identifying suitable partners and ensures they undergo an onboarding process aligned with your requirements.

A unified source of truth

Manage all vendor information within a singular system, covering everything from business details, documents, contracts to spending insights.

Dedicated workflows for new vendors

Onboarding a vendor in a collaborative effort. Ensure all key stakeholders, be it IT, Legal, Compliance, are involved in their assessment. Pivot seamlessly brings them together.

Vendor Portal

Whether filing in business information or uploading compliance documents, your vendors will have their dedicated portal for an enhanced vendor experience.

Real-time budgets, real-time control

Pivot equips you with top-notch budgeting and insights capabilities, providing both you and your budget owners with real-time visibility into your spending.

Real-time Budgets

No more waiting to know what’s left in your budget or wheter you’ve stayed within limits. Your budgets are directly linked to our intake system for real-time updates and visibility for your Budget Owners.

AI-powered analytics

Leverage our AI-powered analytics tool to gain powerful insights through a highly intuitive interface. Request all your data in seconds and get the results you need.

Trusted by top European Companies

What customers are saying about Pivot.
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"We absolutely love Pivot! It effortlessly grows with us, making financial tasks a breeze for the business teams and saving us both time and money."
Anne-Sophie Levenez,

Procurement Manager @Voodoo
"When it came to choosing a procurement tool fit to our scale-up DNA yet capable of handling the complexity of our specific needs, Pivot was a no-brainer."
Guillaume Lemesle,

Global Purchasing Manager @Jellysmack
"As a fast-growing service company, streamlining our spending processes while scaling is key. Pivot clearly stood out as the perfect all-in-one solution to address that."
Géraldine Carré,

Head of Finance @Thiga
"Getting the right tools to prepare for scale is key. Pivot offers the best of both worlds, being easy to set up when you start and a valuable investment when it comes to take the company to the next level!"
Yasmine Belaouch,

Head of Finance @Deblock

Natively integrated with your Stack

ERP, HR-IS, Productivity, Legal. You already have the top tools for every task. Pivot works with them all.

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