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Unlock the power of modern Procurement

Pivot is the ultimate modern P2P tool to help you keep your spend under control while enhancing your teams
Trusted by top European Scale-ups
"We absolutely love Pivot! It effortlessly grows with us, making financial tasks a breeze for the business teams and saving us both time and money."
Anne-Sophie Levenez
Anne-Sophie Levenez
Procurement Manager

Everything you want from your P2P

Top-notch intake experience for everyone

Business teams, Finance teams, Vendors: everyone will love Pivot
No-code workflow builder
Build complex tailor-made workflows thanks to our no-code intuitive interface.
Intuitive intake forms
Offer your employees the user experience they deserve and increase their adoption and satisfaction.
Tailor-made Vendor Portal
Your vendors matter. Automatically request from them the information you need, and only what you need.

Keep your spending under control

A set of tools to help everyone in your company move toward greater profitability
Purchase Order and Invoice matching
Implement a 'No PO, No Payment' policy with ease and automate your invoice processing.
AI-powered insights
Always keep an eye on your spending and gain insights on how to optimize.
Real-time budgets
Your business teams will finally know what is left in their budget, for real.

Automate the work of Finance teams

We automate the work of your teams through powerful integrations and AI powered features
Automated Accounts Payable
Collect, control, and record all invoices effortlessly.
Native ERP integrations
What happens in Pivot, happens in your ERP.
Make your stack work together
You already have the top tools for every task. Pivot works with them all.

A set of capabilities for all teams

Procurement, Finance, Legal, IT: Pivot lightens their workload

Backed by tier-1 investors

VC funds that backed category-defining solutions in their early days

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