Pay with your Bank

Simplify your payment process with Pivot's direct bank integration, bypassing the need for additional KYB/C processes. Securely pay your invoices with just one click, directly through your bank.
  • No additional KYB Process
  • Full synchronisation between Pivot and your bank
  • Pay invoices in a blink
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Secured Payments, directly via your Bank

In just one click, select all invoices you wish to pay and seamlessly generate payments directly from Pivot to your bank. All your data will be synchronized between Pivot and your Bank.

Scheduled Payment Control

Decide when your bank processes payments through Pivot, ensuring timely vendor payments according to your schedule, optimizing financial management.

Native ERP integration

Pivot seamlessly generates accounting objects in your ERP when making payments via your bank, automating recurring tasks and ensuring flawless synchronization between Pivot, your bank, and your ERP.