Intuitive Intake

Pivot makes submitting requests a breeze for your employees—no more wondering about required information or eligible spending
  • Reduce approval lead-time by 90%
  • Centralize all requests in one place
  • Request from anywhere, at any time
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Exceptional customer experience

Your employees deserve an outstanding request experience. Pivot ensures an exceptional journey, simplifying the submission process for ultimate satisfaction and efficiency.

AI-powered intake process

Pivot's AI-driven intake process understands and adapts to your needs. Experience a smarter and more intuitive request submission, saving time and reducing errors.

Fully customizable forms

Tailor request forms effortlessly to your unique requirements. Pivot offers complete customization, ensuring that your team captures the precise information needed for seamless workflows.

Request from anywhere, at any time

Unleash the power of on-the-go requests. Pivot's mobile-friendly approach allows your team to submit and approve requests anytime, anywhere, enhancing flexibility and responsiveness.

Integrated with your stack

Pivot seamlessly integrates into your existing toolkit. Experience a fluid information flow as requests progress, ensuring that data is sent to the right tools at the right time.