PO <> Invoice matching

By automatically matching your invoices with purchase orders, Pivot ensures you'll never pay more than what you've committed to.
  • Eliminate Overpayments
  • Built-in "No PO, No Pay" Policy
  • View invoices not received instantly
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Advanced matching technology

Experience the prowess of Pivot's advanced matching technology, ensuring precise alignment between purchase orders and invoices. With this capability, you'll never pay more than what you've committed to, guaranteeing financial accuracy and efficiency.

Instant anomaly alerting

Receive immediate notifications at the first sign of a budget anomaly. Pivot ensures swift alerts, empowering timely action to address discrepancies and maintain budget integrity.

Discrepancy-based workflows

Tailor workflows with conditional rules to optimize your processes for effective handling of discrepancies. Whether it's a significant monetary difference or a percentage threshold, Pivot's flexibility ensures precise workflows, promoting budget accuracy and financial efficiency.

Single hub for all contracts

Consolidate all contracts seamlessly. Pivot's single hub centralizes contracts, enabling efficient management, proactive oversight, and precise control over your renewal processes.